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Tony Herrera

Kitchen & Bath Concepts

"We like hanging out with successful people."

Tony Herrera, a native Nashvillian, is the son and grandson of teamsters. As a boy, he was sometimes treated to rides in the truck while his grandfather made deliveries around town. One regular stop was Cummins Station. "Granddad brought me down here to Keith-Simmons, which was a wholesale hardware business," says Herrera. "My dad delivered furniture here. He was here when he left for World War II from Union Station. I've always loved this place."

Maybe those old associations influenced Herrera's decision to move his kitchen and bath shop to Cummins Station. "There were only two other businesses here in late 1993," Herrera recalls. "I could go out my door, and to my left it was still an unfinished building under renovation." A bit skeptical about his decision to move here, "it didn't take me long to figure out they were doing something right, as more people moved in."

Herrera's Kitchen & Bath Concepts has been a fixture at Cummins Station ever since. "My clients love coming here," Tony says. "So many of them have seen environments like this in larger cities. Cummins Station has a 'big city' environment. Our clients feel like they're part of a Nashville structure with some significance that has been preserved."

Herrera, who has been part of Cummins Station longer than most of the members, strongly feels that sense of connection and community, too. "Everybody here is positive and upbeat about what they do," he says. "They have a lot of energy, and I think energy transfers. We like hanging out with successful people."

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