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Clyde Bright

Collinsworth, Bright & Co.

"Our clients love it over here."

Clyde Bright used to accompany his grandfather to Cummins Station. They'd visit Clyde's uncle, who worked for Robert Orr Sysco. Clyde never imagined then that, 50 years later, he would work in one of the sleek spaces carved from "that nasty old warehouse."

After touring as a drummer with Sheb Wooley, and after a combat tour with the 101st Airborne in Vietnam, Clyde became a certified public accountant (CPA). For 18 years, the accounting firm he and his best friend launched together was perched near the top of the United Artist Tower. It was an ideal location, given the firm's number of Music Row clients for which Clyde handles everything from tax preparation to tour budgets to complex song catalog appraisals.

In 2006, a fire on the Tower's lower floors forced Collinsworth Bright to move. "We needed to stay fairly close to Music Row," Clyde recalls. "Someone said, 'What about Cummins Station?'

"I called one of my clients and asked them if it would hurt us not to be on Music Row. He laughed and said, 'Cummins Station is just an extension of Music Row. Get off the interstate, and you'll be in your office before I'll be in mine.'"

Clyde, who at the time hadn't set foot in Cummins Station since he was 6 years old, fell in love with the place. "I signed the lease that day," he says. "Our clients love it over here."

Clyde relishes the convenience. "We're downtown but not in the concrete jungle."

He loves the neighborhood feel. "I can go across the hall and get a haircut. I can go over for sushi at lunch. I can go to the post office or the deli. It's self contained."

Clyde especially loves the sense of community. He quickly lists five fellow tenants who've become clients. It reminds him of the old Nashville he remembers-and not just because he enters the building each day by the same door he may have used as a boy. "I always used to see someone I knew at the airport," he says. "Now that never happens. But here, you still know your neighbors."

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