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Susan Andrews

The Andrews Agency

"The convenience of downtown without feeling stuck..."

An ardent fan and two-time resident of Cummins Station, Susan Andrews' father had few fond recollections of Cummins Station. As he pointed out to her once when they drove past the place, he'd spent a hard part of 1950 there, hauling Admiral refrigerators on his back from the warehouse to the shipping dock at the old Radio & Appliance Company. My, how things have changed.

Not long after moving her agency to Cummins Station in 1995, she merged with another firm and moved to what she described as a "beehive of a building" in the congested middle of downtown. Two years later, "after realizing I didn't need nine partners," Andrews knew where she wanted to be.

"My husband and I own other commercial property," she says, peering out her fourth-floor windows toward the looming office towers half a mile away. "But the location here is perfect for us. Downtown, just to go to a meeting or even to lunch, was an ordeal. Here, we have the convenience of downtown without feeling stuck. And a lot of our clients are within just a few minutes of us."

Some are much closer than that. Being part of the Cummins Station community turned some of Andrews' neighbors into business associates. One client, the Make-a-Wish Foundation, is just upstairs. Another, the American Institute of Architects, is one floor down. Andrews selected Sorci and Swords to design their contemporary space, and in turn Andrews' firm has handled projects for the architects. Jive Printing and Accent Media have also become regular vendors.

"My experience with high-rises downtown is that people don't look you in the eye," Andrews says. "They walk right past you. Here, when new tenants move in, people drop by to say 'hello.' It's more like a residential neighborhood."

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