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The Community Arts Program designates and provides places for artists to create art and places for art to be displayed within the context of our professional community in a fashion that in turn organically enhances our community’s atmosphere and those opportunities of place the community provides.  Thus, through the CAP, a symbiosis and exchange is established between the resource-sustaining efforts of our Community Members and Artists and their Art.

Simply by choosing Cummins Station as home for their businesses – a competitive and smart choice in-and-of itself – Cummins Station Community Members contribute to the fulfillment of this mission with no further obligation or commitment. In this way, Cummins Station aims to be a seamless platform helping translate a smart choice for business into an altruistic good for our wider community.

Beliefs and Values

We believe that creating and displaying art and creating opportunities to refine our aesthetic awareness are integral to the foundation of a successful and rewarding community, and working to materialize the sentiment behind this belief has intrinsic value needing no other justification other than itself.

We believe that bringing artists of varying backgrounds close to each other to create and display their work will create a dialog of artistic energy that is both additive and essential to the spirit of our community.

Our approach is to invest in three platforms we believe are necessary for art to live fully in our community. Those platforms are: 1) Artists, 2) The creation of art for art’s sake, or pure art, and 3) Style, design and the creation of art for professional commerce, or commercial art and design

We believe that the spirit created by Cummins Station Community Members makes Cummins Station a natural community forum for an extended arts program to live healthily and to be fully experienced and appreciated.

We believe our wider community will be enriched by the Community Arts Program.

  • Land Trust and Cummins Station launch Saving Acres for all Community Members

  • Community Arts Program selects Artist in Residence Jared Friehoefer for train car studio #1

  • Look for the Artisan Fair on December 9th for Holiday Shopping…

  • Check out our newly renovated restrooms in the C elevator lobby!

  • The Cummins Station Neighborhood is now LEED ND Gold Certified by the United States Green Building Council!