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Jared Freihoefer

All of my paintings seek to emphasize the importance of the individual and their experiences.  By painting these lost narratives, I am trying to assign significance to these untold secrets of the city.  Every person plays a part in the overall character of the sociological structure.  The manner in which we are all connected may manifest itself in circumstances that are unknown.  My paintings present an opportunity to expose and examine these connections.  I favor visually balanced, asymmetrical approach to imagery while simultaneously inspiring thought and conversation on a conceptual level.  Although I was taught and am able to execute traditional and realistic artwork, I prefer to draw and paint stylized figures, seldom depicting the world around me literally.  The primary intention of my paintings are to initially attract the viewer to the composition while simultaneously drawing them to examine the conceptual layers of artwork.  In an effort to appeal to the largest audience, the subject matter is universal and relevant to everyone.  The subjects of love, loss, death, relationships, and human gestures are felt universally.  I try to make images look the way they feel to me.  These paintings invite the viewer to see the surrounding world through a new artistic lens.

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