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Community Arts Program

No other business community in the Nashville area,  perhaps even the nation, offers Community Members, Artists, and visitors the opportunity to engage  themselves and their senses  in the arts quite like Cummins Station. The Community Arts Program offers art appreciators the chance to enjoy creative expression in a unique and intimate way, while providing artists with a special place for creating and displaying their work.

This innovative program is composed of 10 pillars, each of which you can explore by clicking below.  Click here for the CAP Mission and CAP Beliefs and Values.

Community Arts Program Student Exhibit
April 13th, 2012 - April 12, 2013
Celebrate the works of students from MTSU, TSU,
Vanderbilt and Watkins College with friends from the 
Cummins Station community and throughout Middle Tennessee.

Artist In Residence

Are you an artist, looking for an inspiring work space? How about a converted train car?  The Community Arts Program awards free work space in the Artist Studios to two artists every year. These individuals are selected via a submission process conducted each year by the program. It is the intention to award one artist from the Nashville area and one national or international artist in order to promote a richer dialog of creative and artistic energy, as they work together in the community's unique Track 13 environment.

Each artist selected to participate as an Artist in Residence is required to offer an exhibit for display as a Special Event, at least once during his or her year-long use of the Artist Studios. The exhibit does not have to consist exclusively of the work of the artist. Additionally, each artist is required to make one of his or her works available to our Original Art Collection, free of charge, as well as be available for occasional studio open house exhibitions.

Click the following names to learn more about our exciting Artists In Residence themselves and their work!

Jared Freihoefer 2010-2011

Mary Addison Hackett 2011-2012

Contact DZL Management Company at (615) 259-0999 to learn more about our Artist in Residence program.

Artist Studios

The Artist Studios  represent a unique contribution to artists among the real estate and development community.  Two studios  converted from refurbished, out-of-commission train cars-are awarded through a request for submission process. The goal is to provide free workspace for one local artist and one out-of-state artist, Artist in Residence designees, to encourage the mixing of ideas and styles from different communities. The Artist Studios are part of the Track 13 public space at Cummins Station.  Make sure to check the Community Calendar for all exhibit, show and event dates and times.

Artist in Residence awards are issued by the Community Arts Program.

Contact DZL Management at (615) 259-0999 to learn more and /or get details of application.

Track 13: Gallery Train Cars and Public Space

Look for the Track 13 logo on the First Floor.

Track 13 is a unique public space consisting of the art gallery, Artist Studios, an interior public space for Cummins Station Community Members and an exterior courtyard. Track 13 also encompasses the Community Arts Program Library, a treasure trove of art books and publications on loan from the personal collection from the owner   The CAP Library serves as a resource for the Artists In Residence as well as a meeting place for friends of the Community Arts Program.

Track 13 is a perfect spot for social gatherings or meetings for Community Members and not-for-profit organizations, especially with the gas grill for cook outs! DZL Management organizes a number of gatherings at Track 13 for Community Members to enjoy. Make sure to check Community Calendar for dates and times for events occurring in this public space.

Special Events and Shows

Track 13 and the gallery as well as the other great public spaces in Cummins Station provide ample opportunities for special events that are not a part of the Learning Series or other pillars,  and we don't hesitate to take advantage of them!

For example, the 2010 summer exhibit in the Track 13 Gallery:  Bill Killebrew:  Paintings from the Last Ten Years represented an overwhelming success for the Community Arts Program and the artist.

Check Community Calendar for upcoming Community Arts Program Special Events and Shows.

Bill Killebrew:  Paintings from the Last Ten Years: June 18, 2010-August 20, 2010

Community Arts Program Library

Located in Track 13, the Community Arts Program Library is a treasure trove of art books and publications on loan from the personal collection of the owner of Cummins Station.  The CAP Library serves a resource for the Artists In Residence, as a meeting place for friends of the Community Arts Program, and as home base for the program director.

The Artists In Residence and friends of the Community Arts Program can read about America's Avante Garde, catch up on art history, study and learn from print reproductions of the works of artist such as Robert Rauschenberg, James Rosenquist, and others or enjoy some of the earliest prints from America's masters in Walassee Ting's 1 cent Life. The CAP Library also includes AV functionality for video and film art.

Please sign our guest book when you visit.

Original Art Collection: Private Collection Loan

Look for this symbol in the halls of Cummins Station: 

Original art by established and up-and-coming artists, on loan from the private collection of the owner of Cummins Station, is displayed in the halls of the community, mainly on the second floor (street level).

The Permanent Original Art Collection gets to the heart of the mission of the Community Arts Program; that is, artists are supported through the purchase and public and display of their works, and the works in turn enrich the experience in the Cummins Station Community as well as the aesthetic awareness of Community Members and patrons in a wonderful interplay between human expression and daily life.

Click on an artist's name below to learn more about them and their work:

Dean Nimmer, Jared Freihoeffer, Cy Twombly, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Rauschenberg, Stockholm Portfolio.

Vintage Art Posters

Look for this symbol in the halls of Cummins Station:

A series of collectible, original-run prints and posters (many signed by the artist) are available for art shows and other events. The collection is comprised of works by masters from the 1960s through today, including Lichtenstein, Rauschenburg, Johns, Kelly, Motherwell, Stella and others.  Each work is accompanied by an artist biography and/or statement to enrich the viewer's understanding of the artist and his or her work.  Click on an artist's name to learn more about them and their work.

Jasper JohnsRoy Lichtenstein, Robert Rauschenberg, Ellsworth Kelly, Robert Motherwell, Frank Stella, James Rosenquist

Community Learning Series

The Community Learning Series offers participants an up-close-and-personal perspective on artists and their work. Several times a year, the Community Arts Program organizes an activity, discussion or lecture in a casual atmosphere with an artist or other person of artistic interest so you can learn, challenge your aesthetic awareness and enrich your life.

Check  Community Calendar for the next Community Learning Series event.  Click below for photos and information from past events in the CAP Learning Series.

New York Collection for Stockholm Event with Julie Martin

Student Art Program

Look for this symbol on the First Floor of Cummins Station:

The Student Art Program supports student artists from the Middle Tennessee area.  Students from area universities display their works selected by the Community Arts Program organizers in a year-long exhibit that creates a wonderful opportunity for students to display and even sell works.  The exhibit is also designed to enliven and enrich the lives of all Cummins Station Community Members, as well as the wider Nashville community.

The student exhibit is hung in late April or early May each year.  You can visit the year-long exhibit on the First Floor of Cummins Station any time during Cummins Station's hours of operations.  It's just around the corner from Track 13.


On May 6, 2011, students from Middle Tennessee State University, Watkins College of Art, Design,& Film, Vanderbilt University, and Tennessee State University participated in the exhibit.  This show will run through Spring 2012.


In 2010, students from Middle Tennessee State University, Watkins College of Art, Design, & Film, Vanderbilt University, and Tennessee State University participated in the exhibit.


In 2009, students from four area universities - Middle Tennessee State University, Watkins College of Art, Design, & Film, Tennessee State University, and Sewanee -gathered to display their art under the direction of the Community Arts Program organizers and curators.  The event, which includes a reception each year, drew interest from The City Paper, and even Mayor Karl Dean, joined us in the fun.


For more information about the student exhibition, or information regarding purchasing a student's work, please call the DZL Management office at 615-259-0999.

Commercial Art and Design

Look for this symbol in the halls of Cummins Station:

Style and design are in our lives in so many different ways, and the artists who create the marketing campaigns, building designs, logos, photography and other commercial artwork deserve recognition. After all, good design - especially good commercial design-makes for a better community and a better life. It's worth noting that many commercial artists and designers call Cummins Station their home.

The Commercial Art and Design display, presented mainly on the Second Floor (street level), gives viewers a chance to appreciate graphic art outside its typical context, which might be a print ad, an architectural mock-up for a developer or even a set of schematics. Viewers can admire these works for their aesthetic value separate from their commercial purpose. They should come to realize that good commercial art, design, and draftsmanship can have a lasting positive (or negative) impact on our society and our experiences in our community.

  • "Acts of Moral Turpentine" Track 13 Gallery Opening Reception Nov 5, 6-9pm

  • Land Trust and Cummins Station launch Saving Acres for all Community Members

  • Community Arts Program selects Artist in Residence Jared Friehoefer for train car studio #1

  • Explore the Acting For The Planet section of this website to learn about our Environment Friendly initiatives�

  • Community Member Open House October 27th, 4-7pm - 2nd floor hallway

  • "Acts of Moral Turpentine" Track 13 Gallery Opening Reception Nov 5, 6-9pm

  • The Cummins Station Neighborhood is now LEED ND Gold Certified by the United States Green Building Council!