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Acting For The Planet

Make your way through the Cummins Station community and you'll see where we're "walking the walk" on environmental sustainability. We've made it easy with our "Environment Friendly" initiative, which alerts members and visitors to our efforts and improvements with Planet Earth in mind. Look for placards with this logo throughout the community:


LEED ND Gold Certified

The Cummins Station development, led by the DZL Management team, has achieved a LEED ND Gold Certification from the Unites States Green Building Council. This certification demonstrates our commitment to sustainability, now and in the future.

Revitalizing and reusing what is already here

The “greenest” choice of all is the choice to reuse existing facilities and infrastructure—something we at Cummins Station are proud to say we’ve been leading the way on. Our history spans more than a century, and our facility has transformed to be relevant to the times more than once. It is our Community Members who have coalesced to make Cummins Station a vibrant fusion of contemporary life and a storied history, and who make it the market leading professional community it is today.

Implementing recycling programs

Our cardboard box recycling program and the consumer recycling program through Earth Savers have reduced the trash we hall to the landfill by 78 percent, as measured in gross tonnage. That’s more than 200 tons of reduction per year! Cardboard box recycling is provided free of charge; Earth Savers charges a small fee for the consumer recycling program. Call DZL Management Company at 615-259-0999 to get signed up!

Leveraging existing and shared infrastructure

Reusing the existing infrastructure that surrounds us here at Cummins Stations means we reduce the need for new roads, newer water and sewer systems plus new electrical and gas utilities. That means you’re helping us eliminate the need for new infrastructure that new developments typically have to reproduce. Infrastructure usage in downtown areas tends to be much denser than in other locales, which means taxpayers as well as the environment get the best “bang for the buck” in downtown developments like the Cummins Station Community.

Incorporating sustainable design

In addition to Cummins Station’s other Environment Friendly features,  the restrooms in Cummins Station are built substantially with materials that are more than 90% recyclable and are all made substantially through environmentally friendly processes. More than 38 percent of the materials are made and shipped to Cummins Station from within a 500-mile radius of the building. Zero and low VOC paints and sealers are used in all common areas of the building, so off-gassing and unhealthy fumes are eliminated.

Leading the way in water reduction

Our innovative rainwater recapture system is breaking new ground in Nashville. The rainwater on the roof of Cummins Station is actually captured, cleaned and recycled for use as grey water in the commodes and low-flow urinals.  Cummins Station is the first property in Nashville to employ such an extensive water reduction and recycling system.

Reducing utility usage

We’ve instituted an aggressive HVAC maintenance program that ensures the heating and cooling in the building is as efficient as possible. When units are replaced, we pay a significant premium for the highest possible efficiency rating for that particular replacement unit whenever possible. This helps ensure increased energy efficiency into the future and helps our members save on utility costs immediately.

We also use fluorescent and LED lights wherever and whenever possible. Fluorescent lights use 25 percent or less of the electricity of incandescent lights, and LEDs typically use one percent or less.

Participating in a community-supported agriculture program

Cummins Station is a hub for the Avalon Acres Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program, which means you can have your CSA share delivered directly to your work address. A share in a CSA program guarantees you fresh, farm grown, seasonal and organic vegetables and other foods (the meat share is additional) on a weekly basis. The program also supports local farmers and growers, organic processes, and healthier foods and cultivation practices, plus it helps reduce the carbon emissions associated with shipping grocery foods from other states and countries.  For more information on how you can sign up to enjoy Cummins Station’s CSA, please call DZL Management at (615) 259-0999.

Saving acres with the Land Trust

Cummins Station members have the opportunity to make their green efforts and investments go farther than others, via participation in a state-wide land preservation program. Cummins Station and DZL Management have partnered with Land Trust for Tennessee (Suite 530) through Saving Acres with the Land Trust, a special initiative designed to preserve open space, wetlands, farms and other green spaces throughout the state.  Click here to learn more about Saving Acres With The Land Trust and/or to sign up.

Growing our own garden space

Cummins Station is home to a dedicated community green space and Community Garden. Located just outside the western side of the first floor, the Community Garden is the perfect spot to enjoy take-out lunch, have a chat with a friend or a colleague or take a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of office life. Don’t forget to pick something on your way out!

  • Land Trust and Cummins Station launch Saving Acres for all Community Members

  • The Cummins Station Neighborhood is LEED ND Gold Certified by the United States Green Building Council!